Eco-Friendly Paper Straws for Restaurants


Replace Single-Use Plastics from Your Business

If you're in charge of a Restaurant, a Bar or a Café, you know how terrible single-use plastics are for the environment and your sales. The food industry is moving forward. Are you?

Straws, takeout containers, cutlery, napkins, cups.

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The more you wait, the more you lose.

Since 2018, food industry leaders like McDonald'sStarbucks and Bon Appétit have started banning plastic straws from their stores.

The local businesses in your neighborhood are also contemplating this switch. Why? Because their customers, i.e. your customersdo care about the environment.

Just ask them.

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Takeout Creates a Lot of Trash. But Does It Have To?

Exceptional Service cannot be photographed. A straw can.

Something you can actually hold that screams : "We care!"

An issue that deeply resonates with your eco-conscious patrons.

A long-term investment for your business, your environment, your children.

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