The Death of the Plastic Straw - The 13 Biggest Backers of 2018.

A timeline of 2018's biggest advocates of the Anti-Plastic Movement.

We have compiled a timeline, sources included, of the biggest parties that have positively acted against single-use plastic straws - be it by straight-up banning the plastic straws and other related plastic products, legally preventing businesses from serving straws without them asking, or pledging their allegiance to our cause.


Queen of England Plastic Straw Ban

February 2018: The Queen (Ban on plastic straws & bottles from the Royal estates & move to cut back on use of plastics “at all levels

European Union Plastic Straw Ban

May 2018: European Commission (Measures proposed for the ban of single-use plastic straws)

India Plastic Straw Ban

June 2018: India (Vow to ban all single-use plastics by 2022)

Seattle Plastic Straw Ban Your Straw Guy

July 2018: Seattle (First major US city to ban plastic straws and utensils); San Francisco (Starting July 2019)

Starbucks Plastic Straw Ban Stopsucking

Companies : American Airlines, Starbucks (by 2020), McDonalds (in UK & Ireland), Bon Appétit (1000 Food Stores in US), Alaska Airlines, Aramark (Serves 2 billion meals in 19 countries in schools, workplaces, hospitals and others – “significantly reduce by 2022”)

California Plastic Straw Ban Stopsucking Thelaststraw

Sep 2018: California – First state to ban plastic straws from restaurant tables. Starting 2019, customers will have to ask for a straw.

United Kingdom Plastic Straw Ban

October 2018: UK Government Consultation, UK Plan (Ban Distribution & Sale between Oct 2019/2020)