10 Most Popular Questions about Silicone Straws - Answered by Your Straw Guy

10 Most Popular Questions about Silicone Straws

1. What is Silicone Made Of?

Unlike Rubber which is 100% Natural, Food-Grade Silicone is a polymer which is primarily made from Silica sand. It is generally regarded as Non-Toxic to both humans and the environment. It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures - Hot and Cold without leeching chemicals - unlike plastics, which under harsh circumstances will contaminate the food.

2. Are Silicone Straws Good for the Environment?

Since Silicone Straws are both reusable and very durable; you'll be able to use them for a very long time. Compared to single-use plastic straws, Silicone Straws will prevent you from contributing to the 8 million tons of plastic trash that flow into the world's oceans every year. 

3. Difference between Silicone and Plastic.

Most modern single-use plastic straws are made from polypropylene - which is derived from petroleum. They also happen to contain BPA, Bisphenol A, which can leak into the liquid you are using the straw for.

Mind Body Green, a very popular wellness blog, has written an elaborate article on those differences here which is titled : "Silicone Vs. Plastic: What's The Difference & Is One Safer?"

4. Are Silicone Straws Safe?

 Food-Grade SIlicone Straws are very flexible, and won't damage your teeth, unlike tougher alternatives like Metal or Glass, when you chew on them. This makes Silicone and ideal material for drinking straws meant for Children, Disabled People and Seniors.

5. Is Silicone Bad for Babies?

Absolutely not. Up to now, there has been intense research but no one has successfully proven that Silicone utensils have any negative side-effect when used under regular conditions.

Food-Grade Silicone is a perfectly safe and convenient replacement to plastic. On top of that, it is Ultra-Hygienic and Hypoallergenic - meaning that bacteria cannot reside in the inside of Silicone Straws. This makes Silicone one of the best, if not the best, child-friendly materials for drinking straws.

6. Are Silicone Straws Recyclable?

Yes! Silicone is 100% Recyclable.

7. Are Silicone Utensils Dishwasher Safe?

Silicone Utensils - Bakeware & Drinking Straws are dishwasher safe. They can withhold temperatures upwards of 550°F, so don't worry about those!

8. Are Silicone Straws Biodegradable?

Unfortunately, Silicone is not biodegradable. If biodegradability is a deciding factor for you, you should probably check out drinking straws made of Bamboo, Paper or Straw.

HEADS UP: Watch Out for Corn-Based PLA Straws - those are Compostable but NOT Biodegradable.

9. How to Clean Silicone Straws

Most Silicone Straws are sold with complementary cleaning brushes. If you prefer handwashing your straws, they are very convenient, especially for getting to the middle of your straw.

10. Are Silicone Utensils Microwave Safe? 

Absolutely. Silicone has been deemed microwave-safe by the FDA since 1979. The Silicone used is Non-Toxic and won't leech chemicals even under high temperatures, unlike plastic. Silicone Straws can undergo harsh temperatures - frozen or heated up to 550°F in the microwave.




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