The 3 Best Child-Friendly Straws for Your Family

The 3 Best Child-Friendly Straws for Your Family

Are you looking to ditch Single-Use Plastic Straws for more Eco-Friendly alternatives? Then this comprehensive guide will help you choose the right Eco-Friendly straw material for you.

We have taken into consideration the most important deciding factors for individuals, by simply asking our current clients what mattered most to them when they were in your shoes not too long ago.

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Key Factors


Before looking into the benefits of switching from single-use plastic straws, every parent we have dealt with have mentioned safety as their primary concern. No sensible parent wants to risk the safety of their children by switching to a straw that is not child-friendly.

That being said, if you intend to buy an Eco-Friendly straw for your children, we would recommend that you skip on Stainless Steel and Glass. Kids will be kids, and the risk is just not worth it.


Eco-Friendliness & Looks


McDonald's, Bon Appétit, Starbucks and many more have, in one way or another, condemned the use of single-use plastic straws, in favour of more eco-friendly ones. Even the Queen of England has expressed her disapproval of single-use plastic straws by banning them on the Royal Estate. Isn't that great?

This worldwide phenomenon is about sending a message that environmental awareness starts with simple changes in our lifestyles, achievable by people like You and I.

On top of that, plastic straws have become a bit stale, in terms of looks. We now have more options; bamboo, silicone, paper, or even straw straws! Straws made out of straw! Well that's where the name actually came from, so don't act too surprised. Aha.


Value for Money

Single-use straws represent a recurring cost; you need to keep buying new ones whenever you need them. If you need them everyday, for saving yourself from staining your teeth when drinking coffee, for your kids, or for seniors, then the costs might quickly add up. Reusable straws, on the other hand, just like everyday cutlery have a much longer lifespan, and can be used for years for one larger investment. Definitely worth it in my book.

When it comes to cleaning, most reusable straws come with perfectly-sized brushes, so that cleaning is actually a pretty straightforward process.

In terms of relative cost per unit, the materials rough rank themselves in this order, from cheapest to most expensive: plastic (boo), paper, bamboo, stainless steel, silicone, glass


Is that it?

But again, there are many other factors to consider. For families, we recommend 3 main types of straws. These recommendations have been made following intense research and experience in the eco-friendly straws industry, supported by continuous feedback, positive and negative, from our clients from all over the US.

1. Silicone

Silicone Straws

Pros : 

Silicone is the Safe and Ultra-Hygienic option; its flexibility, softness, natural odor-resistance, and stain-resistance make it the ideal candidate for general use. Practically damage-proof, it does not leak tiny particles and affect taste or health like plastic does under high temperatures. It can be used for hot coffee, as well as frozen slushies, without any unfavorable trade-off. It can also be easily washed in industrial dishwashers.

Cons :

It just looks quite dull and cannot be counted on for a 'cool' Instagram photo. It is on the higher end of the spectrum with regards to price per unit. Despite being recyclable, it is neither biodegradable nor compostable.


2. Paper

Paper Straws

Pros : 

Paper Straws are the Cheapest alternatives to single-use plastic straws. More colourful, vibrant and creative designs, than other materials. Great for child-friendly parties and family gatherings; no need to worry about washing up. Fully Biodegradable and Compostable, depending on the kind of ink used.

Cons : 

Terrible for long drinks; the straw gets mushy after extended periods. Single-use only. Terrible for hot drinks, i.e. above 30°C or 86°F.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo Straws

Pros : 

Bamboo Straws are insanely Eco-Friendly, really. Fully biodegradable and Compostable. Cut from actual bamboo stalks. Usually free from chemicals. Perfectly complement exotic drinks and make great photos and talking points. Great way to educate your child about environmental awareness.

Cons : 

Limited lifespan. Not entirely kid-friendly. The straws' internal diameters differ from one another. 




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