Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies – 7 Eco-Friendly Ideas

Hosting an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party - 7 of the Latest Party Essentials 

Are you hosting an Eco-Friendly themed Birthday Party? Here are 7 Eco-Friendly party supplies - from Disposable Cups to Eco-Friendly Straws.


Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Paper Straws

1. Paper Straws

Eco-Friendly Straws have been one of the biggest trends of 2018, and they are still going strong. Since Starbucks, Mcdonald's and California have been ditching Plastic Straws, Paper Straws have been experiencing soaring demand among businesses and individuals alike.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Floral Paper Straws

The most exciting thing about Paper Straws is that they come in all sorts of wild prints, from Natural Brown Kraft to Floral, and many more. On top of looking awesome, they are Biodegradable and Compostable.

Drinking straws are not indispensable to an Eco-Friendly birthday party, but they can help create a lasting effect on your guests, since they will certainly notice them.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Kraft Food Containers

2. Kraft Paper Food Containers

We've all been to a small buffet at a birthday party, corporate event or family gathering - and it goes like this.

You check out the food from afar, it looks alright. Sandwiches, mini hotdogs, chips, and other snacks - Free Food! Yay! You pick up a plate, and start filling it up at your leisure. Soon enough, you start struggling as you wonder how the waiting staff does it.

You hurry up, as there are kids behind you, and they won't be as skilful as you. You don't want to be anywhere near the mess.

But wait! This would've been so much simpler if you had THESE proper food containers instead of plates. No more stressing out over crumbs on the carpet.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Bamboo Fiber Napkins

3. Bamboo Fiber Napkins

Napkins are undoubtedly a birthday party must-have. Yet, like all birthday party supplies in this list, they are eco-friendly and fascinating. Boring white paper napkins are so passé.

You want your guests to be in awe at the lengths you've gone through to make sure your Eco-Friendly themed party stays engraved in their memories.

"Bamboo Napkins? But why?" - someone (probably named Jenny) will inevitably ask.

In nonchalant fashion, you'll reply : "Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than other trees AND grows insanely quick."

While Jenny wipes her food-stained lips with the Bamboo Fiber Napkin, look her dead straight in the eyes and witness her facial expression metamorphose from bitter scepticism to utter delight.

As she breathes in, ready to apologize for ever doubting your stellar judgement in the first place, you'll lift your index finger and gently press it against her now clean lips and whisper : "I know", while slowly turning away to tend to your other guests.


Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Bamboo Straws

4. Bamboo Straws

While we are on the topic of bamboo - have you tried Bamboo Straws? They do cost more than Paper Straws, but on the other hand - they definitely have that wow-factor.

Additionally, they are reusable and more eco-friendly than paper straws. They will also last a lot longer. At under $1 per straw, bamboo straws are something really out of the ordinary; which is why they make perfect birthday party supplies. You really want your guests to remember the first day (probably) that they try using one of those.

An Eco-Friendly party idea that your guests won't forget; the one party supply that will definitely stand out in your birthday party.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Wooden Cutlery

5. Wooden Cutlery

They are better-looking, sturdier and more environmentally friendly than the flimsy plastic cutlery we see at birthday parties. On top of that, they are perfectly disposable as well! Give them a quick rinse once you're finished, and you can even toss them out in a plant pot.

Biodegradable and Compostable, Wooden Cutlery is the eco-friendly party supply that's just better at everything. Eating at a party does not have to be a challenge anymore and your guests will thank you for that.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Cork Cup Mug

6. Cork-Wrapped Paper Cup

Planning on serving hot drinks, but you still need a disposable cup for everyone? These Cork Cups provide both the looks and the right insulation from heat. Not the cheapest option on the market when it comes to disposable cups, but definitely one of the more interesting ones.

Made from naturally-harvested cork, these cups are Eco-Friendly and represent the eco-friendly birthday party supply that most people did not know they needed.

You've never seen one of those, neither have your guests. Environmental awareness can also be exciting and new.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Supplies Food To Go Containers

7. To Go Food Containers

Your perfect Eco-Friendly Birthday Party is drawing to an end, and there are some leftovers. The food was amazing, and you made sure there was plenty.

Your guests would like to take some food home, but being the good planner that you are, you've covered everything.

These Food Containers are made from Kraft Paper, and designed to carry everything from hot soup to ice cream. Even the lids are biodegradable.


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