4 Easy Steps to Claiming your Free Samples

Step One : Fill the 'Free Samples' Form

If you haven't filled it already, click here to complete the form. It contains basic information such as e-mail address, name, business type (restaurant, bar, etc.), business name, and location.

Note : The 'Free Samples' offer is currently available only for businesses based in the US or Canada.

The form is pretty easy to fill - but keep in mind that this offer is not designed for individuals, but for businesses only.

Step Two : Wait for up to 24 hours.

It usually takes much less time than this, unless it's the weekend.

Step Three : Confirming the Order's Details

One of our representatives will e-mail you at the email address you've provided in the form in Step One. The e-mail will generally include additional information about the samples you're interested in trying out, the estimated delivery date depending on your location which should not exceed 3 business days, and other general questions about your business.

Step Four : Wait for up to 3 business days

We have Your Straw Guy representatives located in various cities such as Los Angeles, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. The whole process might even take less than a day if you are located in one of those cities.


Received the Samples? What next?

One week after the samples have been delivered, we will contact you to receive your official feedback.

We understand that our products may not meet your expectations, or for some reason you don't feel confident in moving forward and purchase our products. If this happens, we do hope that you provide us with any constructive criticism that might help us in any way.

However, if you are completely satisfied with our service and the quality of our products, then a representative will be in touch to talk about how to proceed.

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