The Glass Straw

The Glass Straw

Yes, glass breaks. But you can mitigate this risk by getting borosilicate glass straws. They are still going to break if you drop them on to a hard surface, but they won't break due to sudden temperature changes.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about for whom glass straws are not for : children (duh), low-mid range bars, family restaurants, cheap eats

If that's not you, carry on.

The Pros

1. Easy to Clean

Something which you have to do when cleaning other types of reusable straws, is have to guess when you've done enough cleaning. With glass straws, however, you can just, well, see. So if you're a bit of maniac when it comes to using clean stuff, it helps. Also, you can see what you're drinking, while you're drinking. Not sure if that counts as a 'pro' though.



2. Eco-Friendly

Glass straws are reusable - you'll use them over and over again, brag about how cool they look to your friends until the dreaded day you drop it on the floor and it shatters to smithereens. If that day doesn't come, you can recycle them, like you do your jokes.

3. Hot Drinks

 If you do drink coffee, tea, or any hot drink for that matter, quite a lot, then few straws would suit you like glass straws do. Although most people drink coffee directly from the mug, including myself, some prefer using a straw to do so. Apparently, it helps against staining your teeth. Anyways, the point being, glass doesn't conduct heat as much, so the experience is pleasant, should you choose that path - I'm totally not judging.

The Cons

1. Glass Breaks

You've most certainly heard the idiom - "You never know what you've got till it's gone". Well, think about the day that your glass straw will break, and how devastated you'll be. Done? Now, come back to reality. You haven't broken it yet! Now, you'll start to enjoy it more, right? Sorry - I'm just trying to make it sound not that bad.

2. Noisy

Coupled with a glass glass, the glass straw will make you feel like you're in chemistry class again.

3. Price

Glass straws are generally quite expensive since they will cost about $4 to $5 per unit. For most businesses, coupled with the risk of breaking by careless patrons, it's probably a no-go, but think about the potential for marketing - no one else is doing it (for good reason).



If you're looking for a straw for yourself; something cool, easy to clean, versatile and don't mind carrying it around, then the glass straw might be for you.

If you're a high-end restaurant, bar or café willing to spend some extra bucks for an experience for your customers that will help you stand out, go for it.

If you're a restaurant or bar that's willing to save some money, but still have something very durable and cost-efficient, then you might prefer stainless steel straws.




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