The Paper Straw

The Paper Straw

If you're looking for the cheapest Eco-Friendly alternative to plastic straws, having a lot of people coming over to your house, or just operate a business where you need your straws to be cheap and disposable, then paper straws might be what you're looking for.

To everyone else, I'd recommend reusable straws since they are more ecological and economical on the long run. If you just cannot afford the alternatives, then carry on. 


The Pros

1. Lots of Colourful Options

Unlike all the other alternatives to plastic straws, which don't come with much room for arts and crafts, paper straws are available in all sorts of wild designs. This gives much wiggle room for mix and matches for your guests/customers, and express yourself a bit better.

2. Cheap

Paper straws are about 3 times more expensive than plastic ones, but very cheap compared to the other eco-friendly options out there. Bans on plastic straws may be better for the environment, but not great for some businesses which operate on thinner margins and have to increase their prices - no one's happy about that.

3. Eco-Friendly

Despite being single-use, some paper straws, especially undyed ones are biodegradable and compostable. They are not recyclable, but that doesn't make them any worse since you can just toss them in a pot and let nature do its magic.


The Cons

1. Consistency

Paper straws get mushy when soaked in liquids for too long, especially hot ones, so forget about drinking your tea with those. Your straw will have probably disintegrated by the time you complete your third gulp. Some paper straws last a bit longer than others, but the pleasure of using them will inevitably come to an end - until you get another one, that is. 


2. Single-Use

If your business is mostly like a take-out drinks shop, or filling station, then you don't really have a choice. But for the environment, that's not ideal. Paper straws are still better than single-use plastic straws though. It does mean no washing up to do though.



If disposability is a major factor in deciding which kind of straw to choose from, then paper straws are most likely a fit.

If you're just hosting a party, or organising a large event, that you can't reasonably buy and wash individual straws for, then paper straws are great. They are child-friendly as well, so there's that.



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