The Silicone Straw

The Silicone Straw

If you're looking for the a straw with the flexibility, softness and child-friendliness of a plastic straw, but without the plastic part, then the silicone straw might very much be what you're looking for.

To the Straw chewers - I've personally tried all the other eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws, silicone straws are the deal. Unless you're a panda, in which case bamboo might be cool too, then I'd recommend silicone straws for this oddly common and yet-unexplained quirk.

To the others - if "better safe than sorry" is your life motto, then look no further. Actually please do. Listening to one random dude on the internet isn't very wise. 

Anyways, if you're just looking for the next viral Instagram photo that's gonna rack up some likes, well I've got bad news. Silicone straws are just a bit plain, but we won't mention that in front of them, okay?


The Pros

1. Safe

Unlike metal, glass or bamboo, it's pretty hard to stab someone with a silicone straw. They're too bendy and flexible, picture a wet semi-cooked noodle. Tried it on my boss, doesn't work, (un)fortunately. But seriously, silicone straws are safe for seniors and children alike, I'd even dare say that they are safer than plastic straws. Also, if you or your child enjoy nibbling on your straws, silicone is pretty much the only material that can tolerate that.

2. Ultra-Hygienic & Easy to Clean

Unlike plastic, which under higher temperatures tend to leak little particles in your food or drink, silicone is pretty stable. Your trusty silicone straw is dishwasher safe and if you're keen on saving some electricity, they usually come with a perfectly-sized cleaning brush. I mean, they even use silicone cutlery in hospitals - so I'm guessing it must be pretty hygienic.

3. Eco-Friendly

Silicone straws are reusable, and last a very long time, and on the long-term that's going to save you from using a lot of single-use plastic straws. On top of that, they are recyclable.

The Cons

1. Looks

Silicone straws are, unfortunately, the ugly duckling of the straw family. They make very average Instagram photos, and some people might even confuse them for plastic. (ugh!) Since dyes don't take on very well on silicone, they are often only available in simple uniform colours.

2. Price

If you're operating a business - family restaurant, or café, those straws might represent a significant investment. Cheaper than glass, but more expensive than bamboo, paper or plastic, silicone straws are in the mid-high range. 




If you're thinking about straws for children, seniors, or persons with disabilities, silicone is pretty much a no-brainer. It's just too convenient.

If you're looking for something 'cool' or revolutionary, then you'd probably be better off checking out glass straws or bamboo ones.

If you're a business which absolutely doesn't want to give your patrons cause for litigation, then silicone's your guy.


Want to learn more about Silicone Straws? Here are the Top 10 Most Asked Questions about Silicone Straws - Answered. 


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