About Us

Who's Your Straw Guy?

  Your Straw Guy was founded in 2018, following the awakening of businesses and specially individuals concerning their use of single-use plastic straws in their daily lives.

  Pollution is nothing novel, but individuals, myself included, have always dissociated themselves from this issue since the lion's share of responsibility goes to the industrial giants or lax legislation, and justly so.


  However, this movement, is so much more than the reaction to that viral video of a marine biologist extracting a straw from a sea turtle's nose. It is about sending a message that environmental awareness starts with simple changes in our lifestyles, achievable by people like You and I.

  Since February 2018, Starbucks, McDonald's, American Airlines, California, Portland, Seattle, the UK, Europe, and even the Queen of England have all, in one way or another, taken a courageous stance against single-use plastic straws - some of which, have even issued outright bans on their use.

Is Your Straw Guy for you?

  If you're a business exploring eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic straws, to affirm your brand's values, or, to comply with impending legislation, then yes.

  If you're an individual looking to join the cause and encourage others to a more environmentally responsible lifestyle, then yes.

  If you're just looking for the absolute cheapest straws available on the market, then no. We'll give you the answer right now : single-use plastic.