About Us

Who's Your Straw Guy?

  Your Straw Guy was founded in 2018, following the awakening of businesses and specially individuals concerning their use of single-use plastic straws in their daily lives.

  Pollution is nothing novel, but individuals, myself included, have always dissociated themselves from this issue since the lion's share of responsibility goes to the industrial giants or lax legislation, and justly so.

Are Eco-Friendly Products a Thing Now?

   Since February 2018, Starbucks, McDonald's, American Airlines, California, Portland, Seattle, the UK, Europe, and even the Queen of England have all, in one way or another, taken a strong stance against single-use plastics - some of which, have even issued outright bans on their use.

  The leaders in the food industry are moving away from single-use plastics, and into more eco-friendly consumables. Takeout containers, cutlery, cups, straws, bottles; basically everything that's meant to be used for a ridiculously short time, but lasts a ridiculously long time in nature.

Let's say my customers actually care about which straws we use. How will that affect my costs?

  There's no two ways about it. It's going to cost you more. For instance, paper straws costs 2-3 times more than plastic ones. Plastic has worked so well for a reason - it's cheap and does the job.

  But think about it, would the food industry multinationals make the switch if there was no financial gain further down the line? What if your customers really appreciate a company actively fighting plastic pollution, no matter how small the effort.

The costs are too high - what about going no straws?

  Technically, it makes perfect sense to get rid of something which could do without. Not serving straws at all - helps fight plastic pollution and helps your bottom line by reducing costs.

  Two issues : One, this looks like a ingenuine trick to cut costs by pretending to care about the environment. You might be perfectly well-intended, but imagine what it looks like from your customers' point of view. Not great.

  Second, straws do serve a purpose - convenience. For others; seniors, children or persons with disabilities - straws are a need. Is it really worth cutting costs over items that cost so little?

Is Your Straw Guy for you?

  If you're a business exploring the eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics, to affirm your brand's values, or, to comply with impending legislation, then yes.

  If you're willing to learn more about how plastic pollution can be addressed through practical and day-to-day changes, then yes.

  If you're just looking for the absolute cheapest straws available on the market, then no. We'll give you the answer right now : single-use plastic.