Cork-Wrapped Paper Cups (Set of 50)

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These Cork-Wrapped Paper Cups are Eco-Friendly & made completely from Natural Materials. The Outer Layer of Cork gives the paper cup a Premium Feel, along with Extra Insulation to the inside of the cup - making it ideal for Hot Drinks like Coffee or Tea.

Features & Benefits

  • Paper Cup wrapped with Cork.
  • Eco-Friendly - Fully Biodegradable & Compostable
  • Cork provides Great Insulation - keeping your drink extra hot, while keeping your hands warm.
  • Premium Quality Materials used.
  • Disposable Cups for Hot Drinks

If you are looking for a Disposable Coffee Cup that won't pollute your environment, while experiencing something both luxurious and out of the ordinary - this Disposable Coffee Cup is for you.


Ideal for :

  • Coffee, Tea, Infusions and other Hot Drinks.
  • Corporate Events, Birthday Parties & Family Gatherings.
  • Zero Waste Celebrations
  • Impressing your Friends & Families.