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The Chic Glass Straw is not made from your ordinary glass, but rather from Premium Borosilicate Glass, making it Especially Shatter-Resistant & Resistant to Temperature Changes, as well as, Recyclable & Eco-friendly.

These special characteristics make the Chic Glass Straw ideal for Hot Drinks; Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate, or, Ice Cold Drinks.

Functional Temperature Range : -20°C to 140°C (-4°F to 284°F)

Available in 6 Elegant Tints only; Natural, Rose Pink, Lemon Yellow, Olive Green, Sky Blue and Rhino Gray.

Each Chic Glass Straw comes with its own Befitting Cleaning Brush so you can guarantee that your straw is always Sparkling Clean.



Not recommended for Children. Recommended for Adults only.

For Bars and Cafés, we recommend this type of Glass Straw.

Please read this article for the in-depth Pros and Cons of Glass Straws.