Silicone Straw - Comfy (Family Set of 4)

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The Comfy Silicone Straw is the Safest option amongst Eco-Friendly Straws. It is Ultra-Hygienic, Easy to Clean, Odor-Resistant, Tasteless, Soft and most of all, Child-Friendly.

This Recyclable model is specially suitable for Children and Seniors. It is ideal for General Everyday Use.



What's Included in the Family Set?

(14cm, 8.5mm Straight Silicone Straw for Kids) x 1

(25cm, 9.5mm Straight Silicone Straw) x 1

(25cm, 9.5mm Curved Silicone Straw) x 1

(25cm, 5mm Curved Silicone Straw) x 1

(Cleaning Brush) x 1



Recommended for Families, Children, Seniors, Persons with disabilities and Schools.

For Family-Friendly Restaurants and businesses, we recommend this type of Silicone Straw.

Please read this article for the in-depth Pros and Cons of Silicone Straws.