[Wholesale] Silicone Straw - Staunch (Set of 2)

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The Staunch Silicone Straw is Reliable, Durable and Eco-Friendly. It is suitable for Children, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities alike. Safe for all - Peace of mind Guaranteed. Ideal for Family Restaurants.

This Ultra-Hygienic model is Dishwashable, Longlasting and Recyclable. Optimal for Hot drinks (up to 110°C; 230°F), and Cold Drinks (down to -20°C; -4°F).

It is available in 4 colours : Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple.


What's Included?

(25cm, 8mm, Straight Silicone Straw) x 1

(26cm, 8mm, Curved Silicone Straw) x 1

(Cleaning Brush) x 1



Recommended for Family-friendly restaurants and businesses.

For Individuals - Children, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, we recommend this type of Silicone Straw.

Please read this article for the in-depth Pros and Cons of Silicone Straws.